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About Us

Who We Are

We Like To Have Fun!

That may not be something you hear from every tax company… but we're not your typical tax company. Let's face it – most tax stores look and feel like a doctor's office, and the staff is even less excited about doing taxes than you are. But getting your taxes done doesn't have to feel like a root canal. It certainly doesn't feel that way to us! We started out as a small, family-oriented, fun-loving company, and that's a feeling we continue to foster as we grow into a nationwide brand.

Our Difference is Fueling Our Growth

In just a few years, we've grown to hundreds of locations in 34 states. To achieve this kind of growth, you have to have something different. What makes the difference for us is the talented team we've put together at our Dayton headquarters and the incredible entrepreneurs who operate our franchised locations. This team of business owners, tax preparers, store managers, marketing gurus, financing professionals, legal experts, IT specialists – and more! – are fueling our growth and driving us forward.

What Makes Instant Tax Service Home

Each of our stores offers a warm, relaxing environment, laid-back company culture, and kid-friendly atmosphere for our customers and their families. Enjoy a free beverage and snack on us. Pop in a video for the kids, and relax. We'll take care of everything.

That's Instant Tax Service.

What We Do

We do taxes! Ok, we do a lot more than taxes, but taxes are our primary service. We also specialize in getting our customers the amount of their tax refund fast. That means we offer a full range of refund and refund anticipation loan options. Whether you're looking to get your tax return e-filed, take advantage of a refund anticipation loan, or need an electronic check, we've got you covered.